Motorised Blinds

Now it's even easier than ever to maintain the perfect level of light in your home or office with our motorised remote blinds system.

Traditionally, motorised remote blinds have been viewed as a premium product, a luxury beyond the reach of most consumers. Contour Blinds can now make that luxury possible, bringing the benefits of motorised remote blinds in the North East into your home at an affordable price.

Bring your interior blinds to life with motorised solutions. Contour Blinds and Shutters motorised options bring convenience, safety and security to your home and lifestyle. We have a system to meet the requirements of every user; automation provides a number of advantages in comparison to manual options.

Motorised remote blinds provide such benefits as:

Easily adjust hard to reach window blinds
Enhance child safety by eliminating any cords or loops
Manage glare and operate blinds to adjust light level at your convenience
Protect valuable furnishings
Maintain privacy and enhance security with the addition of automatic timers and sensors

We also provide the option to go wire free! WireFree motorisation provides all the benefits listed above and more, we install WireFree motorised blinds in the North East and they are easy to install, no wiring, discrete and extremely flexible.

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Motorised Blinds features
  • Child safe

    Motorised remote blinds are child-safe as operating cords and chains are no longer necessary

  • Easy to use

    Motorised remote blinds are simple, convenient and easy to use.

  • Battery operated

    Easy installation of battery operated solutions removes the need for mains wiring.

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